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Four marketing lessons learned you can apply to your business

Contributing Solution Provider

Four marketing lessons learned you can apply to your business

First, close your eyes – Now imagine directly reaching consumers multiple times – just like you do with email but at a much higher frequency of Many-people-long-line-aroun.jpgtouches – then lining up at your door!



1. Cross-selling tactics in multi-channel marketing. It’s not a dream. I recently read in a marketing publication many corporations do not or lack the resources to fully engage with their consumers. For example, many marketers know cross-selling tactics in a multi-channel marketing campaign can be quite successful by increasing touches, but a lack of talent and commitment from the corner office is part of the problem.


Multi-channel marketing is the way of the world. If you use Facebook with your email, you are using multi-channels. Twitter? Yes. LinkedIn? Yes. Web site? Yes. You should jump at the change to present a relevant message to a consumer numerous times without breaking the budget. 


2. Direct marketers know a good touch when they see one. Why are direct marketing techniques so popular today? It’s in the direct marketers DNA to go after the consumer tooth and nail. For instance, they write powerful copy. Direct marketers know they need an offer no one can refuse. Dazzling design pulls the reader into the mail piece. Some say frequency of messages is like finding a pot of gold. See number one above.


3. Consumers like to play coy. Successful marketing people like using direct marketing and mail techniques. They are ideal in meeting two concerns of today’s marketers – 1) get people to buy a product and 2) how to reach the consumers efficiently.


I’m not telling you anything new, but in today’s economy, prospective customers don’t want to be sold to. Customers can decide where, when, and how they want to interact with your brand. They want to make their own decisions. This decision could be in two weeks or two months before they make a purchase.


With the capability of better web searches, social media and even communication with business associates, there is literally a mountain of information available for your consumers to gather. That’s a big reason frequency is an important direct marketing tactic. Remember this about your customers: the more they know, the more they buy.


4. Make sure your list of customer and prospect data works for you. Smart marketers know the most important component of direct marketing is the list of names. If you have a bad, old list of consumers, circa 2013, whatever you spend on that particular marketing campaign is wasted money. 25% of your good data can churn to bad data within a year. Don’t believe me – try it.


If you have never built a consumer database, there is no better time than the present. In fact, the techniques of direct marketing work much better with an updated database. So does social media. Cross-selling and multi-channel communications get a better response. It even makes your customer service better. The number of accolades for a great customer list is lengthy.


Marketing-Tip_Crpd.pngCustomers are happier because they now receive relevant messages. Revenue increases with every marketing campaign. Data is the business lifeblood needed to succeed with a growing business. Start today. Read my post on LinkedIn. It’ll get you on the right path, right now.


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Thanks for reading and please share with others – except your competition! It is truly appreciated.

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Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.


Mike Deuerling



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