Free Market Research via Constant Contact

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Free Market Research via Constant Contact

If you have an active Constant Contact account, you have access to Free Market Research. Can you believe it?   If you don’t have a Constant Contact account, at least sign up for their 60 FREE Trial.  Here’s my story….I am an Accredited Local Expert (ALE) with Constant Contact and understand its capabilities, and am about to share one of them with you. 


With an active Constant Contact account that costs as little as $20 per month, you have the ability to do your own marketing research.  You can research your market without having to pay someone to do it for you.  Who knows your market better than you? 


Constant Contact offers multiple products and with each product you have the ability to do market research. You just need to know how, and that's what I'm going to show you.


First off a little bit about Constant Contact. Within Constant Contact's email marketing system you have the ability to add hyperlinks to your stories. This is a great way to link your reader from an introductory paragraph or sentence to the bigger part of the information that you introduced  in your email.


Constant Contact keeps track of each click.  More clicks, interest is high.  Less clicks, lower interest. This is your market research.  These analytics tell you what your readers like to read.


Wallah!!  It's free marketing research, albeit you are paying for Constant Contact's services to be able to use this capability. I am familiar with a lot of email marketing systems and Constant Contact is about the lowest priced marketing toolkit that I have ever seen.  It's value as a marketing tool is worth way more than they charge each month.


Now let's take this marketing research and put it into a strategy. Let’s say you are tasked with writing your monthly newsletter. The first thing you need to do is decide what to put into your newsletter.


Our research has shown the best way to be effective with the email marketing is by publishing  three somewhat unrelated articles (either created or curated) into your email. Each article will tell a story about the person who reads the email.  The first thing Constant Contact will tell you is how many people received your email. Then Constant Contact will go on to tell you how many people opened your email. 


Don't be surprised if the number of people who open your email is a small number compared to the number of people in your email database.  Instead look at your Open Rates that are delineated by percentages.  Although it does not look like a lot of people opened your email, the Open Rates are a better representation. The average open rate for email is about 16% to 20%.


That means if you have 100 people on your mailing list chances are somewhere between 16 and 20 people will actually open your email. That doesn’t seem like a lot when you look at 100 people in your database.  Let’s look at this a bit differently. 


You now have the attention of 16 to 20 people. These are people who are interested in your product or service.  It's like pre-qualifying your prospects. But here’s the catch.


What are you going to give those 16 to 20 people in your newsletter to keep them interested and coming back? Here is where the 3 stories come in. Once again, find 3 somewhat different stories, or articles, about what you think those readers will want to find out about.


For instance if you are a travel agent, one of your articles may be about taking a cruise, another  article may be about taking a European vacation and the final article may be about going to Disneyland.


The three stories you publish in email should target or give information about different products or services that you offer.  Remember what I said earlier about how Constant Contact keeps track of clicks on the web link that is in your story?  Here’s how we put that to work for us.


Our travel agent has three stories about three different types of travel that they offer when they put the article about each one of those types of vacations in the email as 3 separate stories, the agent will add a link to more information chances are that additional information is can be on his website so when people click on it it actually takes under their website you have this capability within Constant Contact.


Each story is a different type of vacation, so out of those 16 to 20 people the travel agent can find out what types of vacations each one of those people like. As long as they click on one of the links. This is the free market research that you get with as part of your Constant Contact toolkit.


Every time somebody clicks on that link in your email Constant Contact will also let you know who they are. Not only does Constant Contact tell you how many people clicked on that link and who those people are, but Constant Contact will also build a separate mailing list for you so you can market directly to the people who chose a particular type of vacation. 


But I’ll see if I can clarify this a little bit. After the travel agent sends out his email he finds that 12 people clicked on the link for more information about a cruise, 5 people clicked on the link to find out more about a European vacation, and 3 people clicked on the link to get more information about Disneyland.


Now the travel agent has three specific groups of people, the agent has three separate lists, and now they can market to each group of people based on the information that Constant Contact gave you about the email that you sent out. All you did was prequalify people for a product or service in this in this case it was both; a probably and a service.


Marketing research is an extremely important part of Constant Contact that you need to know about when you using the product. The numbers are there for your consumption.  Constant Contact is a great product and I hope if you haven't tried it yet you at least go to Constant Contact and sign up for a free 60 day trial.


It doesn't cost you anything to get your trial started and Constant Contact won’t ask you for any payment information, Just your name and your email address.





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