Generating Leads From Email Marketing

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Generating Leads From Email Marketing

An often overlooked feature in email marketing is the ability to track links. That is to say, determining the exact subscriber who clicked on a particular link.


If, for example, there are 3 links in an enewsletter and 2 people clicked on the first link, 10 people the second and 6 people the third, the reports section of the email will list the email addresses of the subscribers that clicked on each link. Bingo! A lead! You will know who clicked on which link and what the interest is. You can customize your follow-up and thereby increase the likelihood of making a sale.


From marketing perspective, this tells you what is the hot topic and what topic is of low interest? You can take this feedback and modify your marketing plans accordingly. This is the type of information that companies pay tons of money to marketing agencies to find out and it comes as part of your email marketing program at no additional cost.

Take full advantage of it! It is a powerful feature!

Joseph Grillo
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