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Getting started with CC, I would like some advice

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Getting started with CC, I would like some advice


The technology that we have available is just amazing!!    I used to be knowledgeable in the days of excel, powerpoint, outlook, etc,   but now I am very old dated and need to be able to use CC, wordpress, social media, etc.


I want to apply these tools to service my community as an academic Coach,  I have been trying to learn the basics, but I think I am moving too slowly to put this into work!


It would be great to have new friends that are effective in CC that has some time to share.

Thanks y hasta pronto:smileyhappy:


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Re: Getting started with CC, I would like some advice



Welcome aboard! I'm with a company in Canada, and we've been using Constant Contact for about 5 months. It really is something else! The nice thing about knowing Excel is that a lot of the same tools you could use in Excel are also available in CC. I create my customer data bank in an excel file and upload it into my contacts. I can choose how much information I want to take from the excel file - it's user friendly. If you haven't yet attended one of the online seminars (the ones you follow along with online, and listen to & interact via your phone), DO IT! It was the best time I've spent learning a program, and really gave me confidence in my abilities. When you make your first newsletter/Constant Contact Blast, you are welcome to send me a test version, if you'd like feedback. My email is I hope this helps!




Laura Storey-Hodgins

Amaranth Stoneware


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Re: Getting started with CC, I would like some advice

Hi Laura, 

Thank you very much for you advice and the option of including you in my list of emails.

I registered for the basic program of email marketing a few weeks ago, and I have already attended a couple of those amazing webinars.   I am impressed about all the power of Constant contact. 
I will certainly take you on the offer of adding you to my list.

ONe way you can join is to click on the option in my  new website  (it is in the making,  I think you will be the first or second person in joining through it.)
Thnaks again Laura,  and hope to stay in touch.


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Re: Getting started with CC, I would like some advice

Hi Jorge and Laura,


Welcome to the Community! I'm so happy that the 2 of you have started talking!  


@Jorge - You said you were interested in Social Media, so I have some great advice for you!  We have a wonderful Social Media board that is full of fun Social Media articles that we have found that provide value to you.  Also, here is our Getting Started with Social Media Guide.  I think that will help you in learning how to get started.  If you have anything specific that you want help with, for example, setting up a Facebook page for your business or a Twitter account, let us know in the Social Media Board and we'll find the resources for you. Or someone like Laura will offer a friendly bit of advice!


@Laura - Thanks for offering to view Jorge's email to offer insight! We have a Critique My Email board here where you can post your email and offer advice to your peers. It's a pretty active board too, so jump right in!  Great advice about Excel!


Also, wanted to let you both know that weekly I do post the Webinars in our Constant Contact News board!


Take care and thanks again for saying hi!

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Re: Getting started with CC, I would like some advice

Hi Marissa and Laura,

This is exciting,  too bad I don't have to much for it!

I really appreciate the support you provide, even though you don't know me.  That means you have a big heart, and a real passion for what you do.

Great to interact with you,  I will try to make enough time to get into this amazing tools.

Best regards




Re: Getting started with CC, I would like some advice



The important thing I've found with small businesses is that they have to support and be a resource to each other. It's us against the "Big Boys", and they've got the advantage of PR reps & Marketing budgets - our advantage is our willingness to help each other. I've found that forming a support group (even if you never meet in real life) makes a huge difference - try to find people who have been in business for years, just starting out, in complimentary businesses, in completely opposite businesses to what you do or offer - everyone has something to offer (and everyone likes to be asked their opinion!).

You never know where it will lead - we've got a Constant Contact friend who has spotlighted one of OUR products in their newsletter & linked to our website - we received over 50 new contacts from that one nice gesture & we've returned the favor - it's a small thing, but has resulted in combined unexpected sales for us in the thousands of dollars!

Check out who else is in CC in your field, and send an email - what has worked for them, what would they do differently if they were doing it all over again - unless you compete for the exact same customers, I can't imagine that they wouldn't respond & offer advice. Good Luck!