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Goofing Off Can Make You Innovative?

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Goofing Off Can Make You Innovative?

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Lisa Evans from posted today 3 ways that goofing off at work can make your employees more innovative.  She uses Google as an example. Did you know that they give their employees 20% of their work time to focus on personal projects?  Me either.


1. Experiment with different projects: Let your employees find their creativity by allowing them to work on personal projects that of course have something to do with your business


2.  Recharge your brain: Try taking a "mental break" and more often than not, the solution will present itself to you!


3. Encourage employees to have fun: This is something we love to do here at Constant Contact.  We get our work done, but we certainly have fun while doing it!


Check out "3 Ways Goofing Off at Work Can Make Your Company More Innovative"


How do you inspire Innovation at your work?