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Google and Google, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. :heart: First comes love, then…


Oh wait. Not that kind of love.


But Google really does love Google. Google, the search engine, loves Google My Business pages, that is.


People either have a “love it” or “meh” attitude about G+ and Google My Business. I admit I was not an early adopter. Like most people, I felt like it was just one more internet marketing thing to do in the crush of busy days. Besides, I didn’t want to commit to another social media platform. I already had a mad crush on Twitter.


But then something happened. In working on a client’s internet marketing, we noticed that it only took a few days for his Google My Business posts to rank on Google search. We’re used to updating content on a blog, or changing out web copy, and anticipating that we’ll wait months before Google search crawls our site again and revises rankings based on the new content. But when you’re posting your status updates, including links to updated web copy, blog posts, photos, and new products to Google My Business, you’re seeing relevant search engine results within just a few days. That is huge.


Imagine that you sell a widget that fixes a leaky kitchen faucet. You craft the perfect product description, upload several pictures, and write a few blog posts detailing the stupendous widget that you sell. Normally, you would expect to see a spike in your Google search rankings for terms related to leaky kitchen faucets within a few months. You depend on social media postings to bring traffic to those specific blog posts. But add to your content marketing a few well-worded Google My Business updates about that widget, and you could see an increase in your Google search rankings almost immediately!


To start with, you need to claim your business page. If you have a website or physical address for your business, you probably have an unclaimed Google My Business page already. To check, go to your personal G+ page, click “Home” in the upper left corner, and scroll down to “Pages.” You’ll then be guided through the process to get your business listed on Google My Business. It’s a pretty easy, user-friendly process, but if you need help, we’re happy to get you going in the right direction.


As with any social media account, make sure that the Google account that you start the process through is one that company principles will always have access to. The log-in to that account should be held by a company owner or executive. Don’t ask the part-time sales clerk to set it up for you. If the sales clerk walks away, you could lose access to your Google My Business page, and it can be a lengthy process to have control restored to you.


Once you’ve claimed your Google My Business page, you’re able to begin updating just like you would any social media platform. You can make longer posts there, so it’s great for you to tell the story of a particular photo or type up a good introduction to a blog post. Just as with blog posts, your Google My Business posts should be readable, with a few long-tail keywords added as appropriate.


While any internet marketing strategy should be well rounded, if increasing your Google Page Rank is a short term goal, you should definitely focus some of your social media marketing time on putting together a great Google My Business page, and posting there often.


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