Got Spring Fever? Let the Sunshine in to Brighten Your Business!

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Got Spring Fever? Let the Sunshine in to Brighten Your Business!

Got Spring Fever? Let the Sunshine in to Brighten Your Business!


MNG spring cleaning blog April 2016.jpgOnce we have settled into the brighter, warmer and longer days of spring, it’s easy to feel motivated and energized to do some sprucing up – of our homes, our wardrobes, our gardens. And, while nothing feels better than sparkling windows, a new pair of sandals or freshly planted flowers, spring is the ideal time to revitalize your work landscape as well!


If you take some time now to spring clean your business, you’ll appreciate the organization during the more relaxed days of summer and the preparation already in place as you head toward the fall months and holiday planning.


Here are some simple and strategic guidelines for brightening your business:


  • Content Calendar: Planning ahead one month at a time (for social media, blogging/newsletter topics and special promotions) avoids last-minute scrambling, content repetition and missing deadlines.
  • Analytics: Your data is your feedback from customers and allows you to look at preferences, trends and busier/slower times of the year.
  • Contact List: Rid your list of outdated or duplicate email addresses and continue to give prospective clients an opportunity to sign up to receive your correspondence.
  • Email: Clean out your inbox by acting on items you have put off and categorizing those emails that you wish to save.
  • Newsletter: Consider a new color scheme or font, remember to keep your links current and try a new look for your headshot. And now is a great time to assess your layout and readability.
  • Website: Don’t let your website content stagnate! Be sure to showcase your most recent work, new client testimonials, publicity you have received and appearances or speaking engagements in which you have participated.

We’re doing some tidying here at My NewsGirl this spring and I hope that you’ll feel inspired to do the same! Call me at 203-938-3252 if you’d like to discuss fresh ideas for your marketing plan.


Wishing you a joyful spring!


Cathy Ann Drury

My NewsGirl

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