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Growing Your Business By Growing Your List

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Growing Your Business By Growing Your List




1.    you have a table at an expo, and someone comes by to ask what you offer, how you work, and would like to learn more

2.    you meet someone at a networking event and you have a conversation, learning about each other's business and they appear to be more than politely interested: they ask several questions about how you can help them or their clients.

3.    you're LinkedIn with someone as a result of a real opportunity to meet them and have an initial great conversation regarding your products and services. They have asked you to keep them in touch about your company.

4.   they've done business with you and are fans

5.   they call or email you, wanting more details about your company and how you can help them

6.   they call or email you to ask your professional advice or help within the scope of what you offer.

7.    they simply ask you to put them on your list (hurray!)


Remember- it's all about PERMISSION marketing - any of the people mentioned above should be ready to WELCOME your value-filled campaigns! Blind-siding someone is more than sneaky - it totally works against you and will do more harm than good to your reputation!




1.    you have a table at an expo and someone comes to grab candy from  your bowl and then bolts.

2.    you see someone you sort of know at a networking event but never had a real conversation.

3.    the conference host gives you a list of people who attended.

4.   they've emailed you to remove them from your list instead of unsubscribing themselves.

5.   you find someone's business card lying around

6.   someone introduces themselves perfunctorily and doesn't engage in further conversation.

7.   they tell you outright that they're not interested in what you offer (sad, but a reality).


One of the reasons to keep adding new people is that as business owners, hopefully we are making it our mission to meet new people all the time.  Another important reason is that those who were on your list previously may eventually unsubscribe for whatever reason. There's no need to get upset over it, it's just business.


As you grow your list, you'll want to look at contacts that made it into your list years ago. Are they still relevant leads? Sometimes we hate to remove someone, because it feels productive to "have a lot". But not if it no longer makes sense for the prospect or for you. Perhaps that contact was a good fit for a service or product you used to provide and your business has since evolved. Is it time to cut 'em loose? Only you will know for sure.

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