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Growing my business

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Growing my business

I am new to Constant Contact but want to see if it might supplement all the other things I am doing. My website currently generates a weekly Best Practice but users have to sign in to read the content and I think many do not do that so this is a try at expanding readership.

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Re: Growing my business

Hi there, 


Welcome to Constant Contact! We're glad you found The Community. 


I'd like to offer you some insight into your question. 


Are you looking to send out weekly Best Practices to existing members, or new members? You may create your email dreafts and schedule them to go out a month in advance so that people will receive the messages in their inbox and might be more apt to read them that way since they don't have to sign into your website. Please also check out our Autoresponder if you are thinking of sending to new contacts. 


Our services could absolutely work for you and if you have additional questions please feel free to post them here or remember that you can always contact Customer Support.




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Re: Growing my business

Speaking of Auto-responders, I read over that article and my eyes are still spinning. That is very confusing to me and I do understand the concept of auto-responder emails. I was told that you can only have one auto-responder sequence at a time working and only 20 emails - is that correct?


Re: Growing my business

Hi Linda,

Sorry to hear of the confusion, let me try to help!


Autoresponder emails are used to communicate with contacts who are new to your lists. These people sign up and get a Welcome Email but sometimes there is additional information you want to get to them. For example, a gym might offer a free three-part workout series to those joining their mailing list. The Autoreponder emails can be scheduled to send out this information to the new people. You are able to control when the email sends to each user.


You can create 20 Autoresponder emails but only 10 can be active at one time.


Hope this helps,


Hannah M.
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Re: Growing my business

thanks, I understand that, it's why is there only 20 and you can only direct them to one list at a time - right?

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Re: Growing my business

You can only have 10 active out of the 20 and they can go to multiple lists, but only those 10 can go to the lists. The other 10 or so remain inactive.


I hope that helps!


Re: Growing my business

Thank you!  You just gave a great idea...I didn't know we can do that.  My husband and I own a private gym and we need more contacts.