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Happy Birthday! 3 Things to Consider for Client Birthdays.

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Happy Birthday! 3 Things to Consider for Client Birthdays.

Birthday Cake (2).jpgI love birthdays!  Having people sending you good wishes for 24 hours at the least is a lot of fun.  With social media, you hear from people who are silent the other 364 days of the year.    


This year I started getting birthday emails from the first of the month through to the last day.  Most of these emails were from big companies that had encouraged me to sign up for their email list.  I got coupons for discounts, free items, and some free items with purchase.  One of my favorites was from a bakery using Constant Contact; they sent me a coupon for a FREE cupcake.  


Are you sending out date based emails?  Even if I didn't use the coupon, I still have a favorable impression of that company.  As a small business owner, we all should be mimicking the big guys. We have the ability to request the birthdays and anniversaries when we request emails. We can set up an autoresponder that sends out an email so we don't have to have employees spend time researching the database.  When I set these up for my own database, I got favorable responses.  


Here are my thoughts on three things you might consider for birthday emails in your business: 


  1.  Free Gift With Purchase: Many people do this and it does make business sense.  It will bring people in.  I got a few of these.  I would use these with caution.  I did use one of this redemption code but felt like the company was more about making the sale than spreading the cheer of a birthday message. 
  2. Free Small Gift:  I mentioned the cupcake earlier.  I do have to go into the store to redeem, but there was not another necessary purchase.  Chances are I would purchase a drink to go with the cupcake or a second cupcake so I didn't eat alone.  If you can afford a small "giveaway", choose this option.
  3. Just wish a "Happy Birthday"!  This is what I do.  It costs me nothing extra and makes someone feel special and remembered.  All I had to remember was to ask for the date of the birthday and update the database. 


I am going to update the images in my birthday autoresponder each year so it won't be a total repeat each time.  Work once a year to spread cheer and deepen my relationship with my contacts seems like a pretty good return to me.  I have received thank you emails for the acknowledgement and a few turned into a project.  


If you need your birthday emails set up, go do that right now.  Or hire a solution provider (like me) to help you get it set.  


Till next month!  Ellen

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Re: Happy Birthday! 3 Things to Consider for Client Birthdays.

Nice work - I agree wholeheartedly! I created a short video tutorial that shows the steps to take to make this happen. 

Albert Kaufman - I am a master certified Constant Contact solution provider - here to help you make the most out of your account. Reach me @ - here's to your success!
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