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Have You Been Wow'd?

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Have You Been Wow'd?

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In Gail’s new book “Engagement Marketing”, Chapter 2 is titled “Deliver a “WOW” Experience”.  Being in Customer Support here, we’re always working on ways to WOW our customers, but I decided to take a step back to think of how I’ve been WOW’d. 


My husband and I have an issue with eating out on the weekends.  We frequent our local Outback Steakhouse every Saturday. (Please don’t tell my mom!)  Everyone that works at this location is amazing. We’ve been to two others in the area and we are always disappointed.  Before the Outback decided to go through some renovations, they had this painting on the wall of Ned Kelly.  My husband was in LOVE with this picture.  I searched everywhere I could to find this picture so that we could have it in our home.  I couldn’t find it.  One Saturday we went into the restaurant and we noticed all the paintings were removed from the wall.  I asked our server what was going on. She told me that they were renovating.  Next I asked, “What happened with the pictures that were on the wall?” She told me that they were around there somewhere. I then said “Because there was this one that he is absolutely in love with.”  She went straight over to her manager who took my husband to his office and the next thing I knew, he was walking back to our table, huge grin on his face, and the picture in his hand.


This was a huge WOW for us.  The server didn’t need to say anything to her manager. The manager didn’t have to give us the picture.  When I say give, I mean give. There was no price for this picture.  And now it is hanging proudly in our living room and like I said we frequent the Outback every weekend.


  • How have you been WOW’d?
  • Have you been told that either you or someone on your staff has WOW’d one of your customers?

Share your experiences with us and check out “Engagement Marketing: How Small Business Wins in a Socially Connected World”.

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Re: Have You Been Wow'd?

I was out in San Fran the other week.  As an east coast gal and quickly becoming an old lady, I was headed to bed pretty early.  I checked into the hotel on FourSquare and said something like "I'm living it up out in Cali... going to bed at 8:30 p.m." FourSquare is linked to my twitter account and so all my followers knew I checked in.


Immediately, I got a reply back from the hotel's twitter account - "Hey, it's 11:30 your time so it's late for you. If you need anything tweet us. Sleep well!"


I was amazed! Not only did they reply to my check in, but the person looked at my profile to personalize the comment - knowing I live in Boston and mentioning the 3 hr time difference... that was a WOW for me. But, wow's can differ from person to person, so it's important to know your customers!


(Paying it forward for the great work on twitter - it was the InterContinental San Fran - not a small business, but a good experience!)

Rosalind Morville
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