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Have you heard of SCORE?

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Have you heard of SCORE?

SCORE is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping small business all around the U.S. They offer free mentoring in person, over the phone, via email and even through live or recorded webinars. The majority of mentors are successful business owners who volunteer their time to help other entrepreneurs, startups or existing business owners stay in business. If you want to learn more about this organization visit their website here: 


Have you worked with SCORE before? What was your experience?


Frank Medina

Frank Medina
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Re: Have you heard of SCORE?

Hi Frank - About 8 years ago I spoke to our SCORE office here in Fresno, CA.  Then I moved across country and recently moved back.  I went by the office, and they are no longer there.  Having a very hard time finding them, again.  Called and left msgs.  But I must have the incorrect number.


They had a great older gentleman that was willing to help me.  I sure wish I could find someone at our local office.


If you could help me, I'd really appreciate it.


Thank you!