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Hello from Harcourt Outlines in Milroy, Indiana.

Occasional Contributor

Hello from Harcourt Outlines in Milroy, Indiana.

I have received emails with my name in the subject line and think it is a good attention grabber.  Has anyone else thought that having the ability to insert the recipients name parts into the subject line would be a good idea for Constant Contact?


I do not know of any way to pull this off at the moment.


Thank you.


Andrew Norris

Trusted Contributor

Re: Hello from Harcourt Outlines in Milroy, Indiana.

Hi there -


Welcome to the Community, Andrew!


In an early version of the product, you could do just that - add a name to the subject line of your emails. However, this is actually something that we have learned Spammers do and thus, to keep your emails within best practices guidelines and keep your SPAM complaints down, the team made it so you can't do it on the newer versions of our editor...


If you are looking for some best practices around subject lines, I'd ask you to check out this FAQ on Optimizing Your Subject Line for Deliverability.


I hope this explains why we approach things this way?


Rosalind Morville