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Help! My Facebook page is out of my control!

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Help! My Facebook page is out of my control!

Image this scenario.  You're the business owner who has a hip, young person working for you who has convinced you that you must have a Facebook presence.  They setup your page and have been doing a great job for you.  But, unfortunately something else comes along for this rock star social media manager who no longer works for you.  Maybe he/she is moving to another job or state.  What if, the separation was not because he or she wanted to leave, but instead you fired him.  I am confident in saying that I bet 8/10 times this business owner forgot to remove the social media manager from the Facebook page.  He now basically owns your page.  He can post whatever he wants.  Do you see where I'm going? I know this because I've seen some very bad stories happen several times!  It is so important for business owners to not only understand the power of Facebook but also the different levels of administration, when to check on this status and how to change it! 


The Power of Facebook - An admin of your page is the highest level.  The admin can do anything to the page including adding/deleting other admins, creating ads, posting, scheduling, viewing stats and more.  The "admin" is king of the page. It is my recommendation that only the owner of the business be the "admin".  If you hire a marketing or social media management agency they may need to be "admin" because they may need to add other admins to the page as well (staff).  It is possible for the marketing agency to use their own page to request access to being an admin on your page as well.


Administrator Levels - The levels are (in order of authority) Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst. The "Admin" is the highest level of access on a Facebook Page. Managers can decide who can be page admins and select their roles. Admins can also post on the page, respond to messages, create Facebook ads, and view analytics (also known as Facebook Insights) for the page.  The "Editor"  has all of the rights of an admin except for adding and assigning roles to page admins. They can post on the page, respond to messages, create ads, and view Facebook Insights. The "Moderators"  have less access than admins or editors. They can’t post content to the page, but they can respond to comments posted on the page by your fans as well as delete comments. They can also send messages, see which admin created created a post or comment, create ads, and see Facebook Insights. An "Advertiser" is limited to only seeing which admin created a post or comment, creating ads for the page and viewing Facebook Insights. The "Analyst" has the least access of all the roles. An insights analyst is restricted to viewing which admin create a post or comment and viewing of Facebook Insights only. They cannot create ads or post as the page.

Screenshot 2015-02-19 18.30.45.png


When To Check & Change - Knowing what to check and when to make changes is critical to protecting your Facebook page.  We like to recommend, because this is a task very often forgotten about and missed,  is to simply add this as a regular task to your calendar. Maybe once a month take a quick audit of your Facebook page including ensuring your basic contact info is up to date and taking a look at who your admins are on your page.  While looking at who the admins are make sure that they are the right people to represent your business and that you've got them listed as the proper administrator level.  Create a repeating appointment on your calendar for the first Monday of each month or something else that works for you and take a moment to check!  The times we like to advise business owners to make changes include the following: when your Facebook admin leaves your company, when you hire a new social media manager or management company, or when someone managing your page has been displaying actions to cause you to mistrust their behavior or loyalty to your company. There are certainly other times to adjust Facebook administration roles, but this is just a list to get you thinking.  If you have an exit policy for when you have to fire an employee or when one leaves, be sure to let your Human Resources department add this to their exit protocol.  


How To Change Admins - This is a very simple step!  Simply click on "Settings" above your cover image, then "page roles" on the left.  That will bring up the list of admins on your page and you'll be able to see their level of administration, make changes or delete! From the screenshot you can see that for one of our pages, Inside Tangi, we have 3 admins (myself, Tim & Brian) but the rest (our social media managers and graphic designers) are listed as editors.  

Screenshot 2015-02-19 18.45.31.pngScreenshot 2015-02-19 18.46.16.png



Screenshot 2015-02-19 18.47.25.png













I cannot stress how important keeping an eye on these admin levels are for your business.  Add it to your exit process for employees and to your calendar to stay on top of who the admins are and what they have access to do on your Facebook page.  Trust me, from having experienced this from the bad side, we want you to be protected.  We had a small business contact us after their trusted General Manager talked them into having a Facebook page and who was the sole admin on the page (because the owner didn't want to use Facebook for herself) found herself no longer working for the company.  However, she had the keys to the Facebook page, knew it and took full advantage of creating a PR nightmare for this small business.  They contacted us for help afterwards but learned that the process was not a simple one! 

Thanks for reading!

Kim Walker
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