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Hey Professional, Stop That!

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Hey Professional, Stop That!

While browing your Facebook or Twitter feed do you find behaviors that really irritate you?  Drive you crazy? Make you shake your head?  Well, me too and quite frankly most everyone I've talked to have expressed their own "social media pet peeves". I polled friends, clients, co-workers and friends in business to ask the question "What do businesses do on social media to promote their businesses that drives you crazy?"  Here are their answers (and mine!)

  1. Not turning off sponsored stories.  A few of us have found the same sponsored story being promoted in our feed for the last 3-4 months promoting an event.  Ummmm, this event ended 2.5 months ago.  Turning off a sponsored story is not difficult and what has happened is the comments on this post have gone on and on and on with followers sharing their distrust and, even some, hatred towards the company for continually showing up in their feed with something that is outdated.  Be careful.  
  2. Share to Win! Facebook changed their contest guidelines and made it very clear that there are a few things you cannot do when soliciting entries into your contest.  One of them is that an entry cannot be given based on a 'share'.  The reason, depending on privacy settings you most likely will NOT be able to see all of those who shared your post.  It may say that 25 people shared but when you click on that '25' you will not see all 25.  Therefore, when you ask someone to share and they do - they actually might not get entry credit because you don't know they shared!
  3. thou-shalt-not-auto-direct-message-twitter.jpgTwitter-SPAM.  One thing that really drives me crazy is when I follow a company on Twitter and I get the automatic-DM.  If these DM's were not so obvious and actually had something of quality then that may be a different story, but the Auto-DM's I get are not like that.  Some of them even include lingo suggesting that it was an auto-DM.  If you're going to send a DM then make it meaningful. 
  4. LinkedIn Auto Connect.  I've heard from others that they hate getting LinkedIn connection requests that use the default message supplied by LinkedIn.  This can be useful when you actually know the person quite well but there have been times where you've met someone and then days or a few weeks pass and you send a connection request.  That's a perfect example of when to erase that default connection message and put in the message a reminder of how you met or why you want to connect.  
  5. Unrelated Event Invites!  How about the invitations to events that you clearly have no interest in?  I've received numerous invitations to events from friends in the state I lived in (but moved from over 5 years ago).  I do not live there anymore. :smileyface:  I can't come to your events, stop inviting me. When you put together an event and want to invite others, please be thoughtful and selective.  "Select All" is not your friend when it comes to an event invitation.  
  6. No Source Pins.  Pinterest is great for business because of the traffic it can drive to your website.  When I 're-pin' your pin on Pinterest, it's usually because I hope to come back to it and head to your website to read more, print the recipe, etc.  However, when I get to the grocery store to pull up the ingredients list, I realize it is a pin posted with just a photo and no source.  That's painful.  Now what appetizer will I prepare for my party! To alleviate this, simply post your picture pin but then EDIT it and put the website link in the 'source' field.  
  7. Ignored!  People prefer 'social care' these days. They want to send you a private message on Facebook, tweet a question, leave you a comment, etc.  When you do not acknowledge their questions, posts, etc then you are unresponsive and this is seen as rude.  No one wants to be ignored.  Be considerate on social media. If you want to utilize social media then you need to be an active user.  Setting up a social media profile without a two-way conversation, let's face it, is really just a website. :smileyface:  
  8. Don't contact me! When you create your profiles, it is important to complete the questions and have a complete profile.  Don't make users have to search for your contact info.  This should be something easy and convenient to find. Include a way for them to reach you!

As you are putting together your online marketing I hope that these tips will help you as you maneuver your way through social media.  If you have any pet peeves about social media marketing, please comment below!  I would love to hear from you.  

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Thanks for reading!

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