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Hi, I'm Abbie with Twisteezwire

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Hi, I'm Abbie with Twisteezwire

I have been sending newsletters with constant contact for two years.

I am marketing our company craft wire called Twisteezwire. We have been in business Twisteez wire as an art materials to schools for over 50 years.


I have an email list of just 360 and I notice only 70 from my latest newsletter campaign have been opened. Very few new contacts are subscribing..even though we post often to our Facebook page, also we have less than 200 likes.


I need to grow our list, but also want to have our current contacts be interested enough to open our newsletter. I send one every two months. I spend a lot of time on the campaigns but so few people actually read our newsletter.

I wonder how to grow our list to customers who would be sincerely interested in our craft twisteezwire and ideas. Especially art teachers. We are literally giving ideas and lesson plans away for free.


thanks, Abbie

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Re: Hi, I'm Abbie with Twisteezwire

Hi Abbie!


Welcome to the Community! We'd all love to see you succeeding using Email Marketing!


Could you post your latest email into our Critique My Campaign board?  We can all give you some great pointers on ways to get more opens as well as more Facebook Fans!  Please include your Subject Line because that is the first thing your contacts will see in their inboxes!


Hope to see you around the boards!


Re: Hi, I'm Abbie with Twisteezwire

Hi Abbie-


Attrition is SO expensive in both time and money, so try to breath new life into the list you have.  Next email sent should be something like "HELP you".  Be honest and ask why they have been shopping elsewhere, or why  their needs suddenly changed.  By opening the lines of communication you will then know which direction your next marketing campaign should follow.


I would love to know if you adopt this suggestion and how it works for you.