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Hiring Tips

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Hiring Tips

If you get hiring wrong, it could cost your company thousands of dollars through lots of wasted time. The sooner you can hire quality, dependable and productive employees the better. Here are a few tried and tested tips for you:


  1. Always do a second interview. There is no way you can really come to know a person through one interview. The second interview is extremely revealing as you get to know them a little better and you can dive a little deeper into their strengths and weaknesses. Also, there is something about the dynamic of a second interview that allows for a greater understanding of the person. Think of it as a second date. The first date displays the façade. The second date reveals much more of the real person.
  2. Make the applicant feel comfortable by showing them respect. Don't intentionally intimidate them. The interview process is not meant to speak to them in a condescending manner. This just makes you look like an insensitive bully. They are interviewing you too (not officially of course) so if you don't treat them well in the interview, you could be missing out on a quality employee as they might just turn down your offer.
  3. Always check references. This can be a grueling, time consuming process but it too can be very revealing. A manager from their previous place of employment will often avoid wanting to answer questions but if prodded a little bit, they'll often help you out. If nothing else, you'll be able to read the tone in the voice of that manager and that too can sometimes be revealing.

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Mike Donovan
Honored Contributor

Re: Hiring Tips

Hi Mike,


Those are some good tips.


I especially liked #1 and it's comparison of a second interview to a second date. It is true that on the second date, the facade seems to fade and the real person comes out.


Thanks for always posting great content and being a great contributor to the Community.






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