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How Do Consumers Find You?

Honored Contributor

How Do Consumers Find You?

I realized that when I want to order Chinese Food, I don’t look for a menu on my fridge anymore.  Instead, I log onto Google and do a search for an online menu.  And if I can’t find a menu, I find a Chinese Restaurant that does and that is who I order from.


Shashi Bellamkonda of Small Business Trends  thinks just like me.  He recently was wanting to take the family to a farm for the fall.  There was a farm local to him, but when he looked online, he couldn’t find much about the farm.  They found another farm through a local deal but it was a little bit more of a drive.  He then decided to do some research since it was a bit further than they had originally planned.  And he found their Website as well as their presence on YouTube, which showcased exactly what the farm had to offer.  They decided to make the longer drive.


Key takeaways here are if you’re not on the internet and not using social tools, people won’t find you.  So if you’re not using the free tools that are available to you, what are you waiting for?  Business is only a click away!


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