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How Do You Hire The Best?

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How Do You Hire The Best?

Good news!  You need help and are at a point where you can add to your staff.  Whether you run a small business, or are adding paid or unpaid assistance to your non-profit, who you bring on board can have huge impact.


How do you hire the best?  And how do you avoid a future headache?


Let’s break it down to three phases: sourcing, interviewing and hiring.


Sourcing: How will you cast a net for your next hire?  Family and friends can be a source but, before you go this route, asks yourself:  “if I hire this person and they don’t work out, what effect will firing them have on my relationships?”  Are you willing to take that risk?  Free sourcing techniques include a sign in the window, a social media posting, as well as referrals.  Have some money to spend? Consider an ad in a local paper, local flyers, go online with LinkedIn, or a recruiting website such as Career Builder or Monster.  A single job posting can be about $150-$350 and you can do it yourself.


Interviewing:  Ask specific behavioral questions, which are considered a best practice.  These are specific questions such as, “tell me about the most difficult customer you have had to deal with, what the situation was, and how you handled it?” Or, “who was the best boss you’ve had and why?”  You can research behavioral interviewing questions online.  When interviewing, try to follow the 80/20 rule: the potential employee spends 80% of the time talking – you spend 20%.


Hiring: Before you make an offer, make sure you asked the candidate for references?  Do your due diligence and call them.  Make sure you have the confirmations you need.  Now you are ready to make an offer.  Be sure to include hours required, rate of pay, and expectations.  Be ready to answer questions regarding time-off, holidays, and possible benefits.


We’ve all heard of stellar employees that help take your business to the next level .  And we’ve all heard of that one hiring mistake that damages your business.  If you think you’ll need help with any of these steps, do some research beforehand. 


What are your experiences?

What was it like the first time you went through the Interview process?


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Re: How Do You Hire The Best?

Great information to consider when you start to hire!  Thanks for sharing!


Here is a link to another hiring email that Jarrad posted today!

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Re: How Do You Hire The Best?

Great post!

When the time came to hire an employee it signaled to me
that I was heading in the right direction. However, I never hired someone
before so it became a challenge. I wish I had this post in from of me at that

I did find that asking behavioral questions disclosed good
information about a potential employee. One of my favorite questions to ask that
caught people of guard was, “If you were me, why would you hire you?”

In today’s marketing, there is more of a customer focus in communication.
This customer information is also worthwhile in developing a persona of a good
employee to hire. If you are interested, you can read it here.


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