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How Facebook's Facelift Affects Your Business

Honored Contributor

How Facebook's Facelift Affects Your Business



With all the recent changes to Facebook, you may be confused as to what this means for you and your business.  Entrepreneur wrote up a great article that details 6 ways these changes impact you.


  • Is your business on Facebook?
  • Have the recent changes impacted your business?

Here are 3 of the ways that Entrepreneur shared:


1.  Comments on Pages:  Now a person on Facebook no longer has to "like" your page in order to leave comments or to like your posts.  This is a great way to still engage people and hit more than just those that "like" your page.


2.  Status Update Character Limit: The limit of characters you can use in your status updates has gone from 420 to 5,000. This really allows your business to share longer posts on your walls now.


3.  Frictionless Sharing:  Facebook has a new social/activity plugin (available to developers in OpenGraph). Once this is enabled in your account, anytime someone comes to your page, it will share on their page that they were there. 


To read the other 3 ways these changes affect your business, click here.