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How Have You Been Engaged?

Honored Contributor

How Have You Been Engaged?

With all my television shows being over for the summer, I’ve jumped right back into the wonderful world of Fiction novels.  In the past week, I’ve read 4 books and am on my 5th.  It all started with an email from Amazon recommending one book to me. Which I promptly bought, read, then read the next in the series.  Which led me to a Google search on the author and then to her blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages. 


I was immediately and completely addicted to her blog.  She keeps everyone engaged on it with information about the books she’s written, what she is writing, and where you can buy them.  She posts point-of-views from other characters in her books to really keep you wanting more.  The content is similar on her Facebook page but it’s not the same.  For Facebook, she has 2 pages,her personal and one for the trilogy I’m reading.   She really engages with her fans there. I’ve posted comments and she’s replied very quickly to them.


This is exactly what Gail Goodman is talking about in Chapter 8: Engagement Marketing Tips and Tricks, Tip 2: Create Platform-Specific Content. And the best part is, I bet Abbi Glines doesn’t even realize that she’s doing this.


How many places do you have where your clients, fans can engage with you?

Do you share the same content?

What is working for you when engaging with your customers, clients, or fans?


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