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How I Use Email Marketing In My Social Networking

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How I Use Email Marketing In My Social Networking


When ever I go to a Social Networking event I collect business cards from

attendees with whom I have had a positive conversation and within 24 hours

each person receives a follow-up email from me. There are 3 reasons why I do this.


First, it is the proper thing to do and it refreshes your presence in the minds of the people you worked so hard to find.  Surprisingly, very few people do this and by sending “Follow-Up” emails you separate yourself from all the other people they met at the event.   If you don’t follow-up then you can rest assured that the people you have met will forget you very quickly.

How many other social networking events do they attend and how many other people do they meet? 


Second, by sending them an email, people can see a sample of my work. Wouldn’t you like to have the opportunity to send samples of your work to 5-10 people?


Thirdly, I can tell EXACTLY who opened my email. In the email, I ask for their permission to be placed on my mailing list. My feeling is that if someone opened my “Follow-Up” email and want to be on my mailing list, then they have exhibited interest in me. This helps me determine who my potential customers are where I should focus my energy.


When I send my monthly newsletter to people,  I am keeping my name fresh in their

  1. Over the course of a year I expect to add between 400-500 subscribers and

chances are that sooner or later some of these will turn into sales or referrals.


Sending out “Follow Up” emails does not take a lot of time or effort to do.  It keeps your name in front of people and help develop personal relationships. Think of all the people you meet during the course of a day. If your name is not refreshed  it will quickly be forgotten and the time and effort you put into networking will be wasted.


If you want to learn more about how Email Marketing can help grow your business

Contact me and we’ll set up a date and time where we can get together.  If we have a fit, then

That is okay.  If we don’t  that is okay as well. Maybe I can point you in a direction that can help you.


Thanks for your time today.

Joseph Grillo
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