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How Location- Based Social Networks Are Changing the Game for Businesses

Honored Contributor

How Location- Based Social Networks Are Changing the Game for Businesses



We all know about FourSquare and that you can check-in on Facebook, but there are a few more start-ups that are paving the way for how Location-Based Social can change businesses.


1. Indoor location based services: Boston startup, ByteLight, has created an app that tracks what you do inside the stores to help businesses find out how consumers actually shop.


2.  Socially curating neighborhood demographics: Livehoods, from Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, is working on a research program to track information from "18 million public tweets and check-ins to collect geographic and demographic data about a location and the person visiting that location."  This I think is pretty neat and you can check out the data they've collected already here.


3.  From leather wallet to mobile wallet: Gyft, Passbook and Google Wallet offer consumers the ability to store gift cards, coupons, tickets, and gift certificates right in their phones. This allows businesses to be able to "provide hyper local content".  This reminds me of my Retail Me Not app on my iPhone. When I drive near a business, it asks me if I want to see the deals there.


To read more about these new location-based networks, check out "How Location-Based Social Networks Are Changing the Game for Businesses".