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How Nonprofits Are Using Crowdfunding

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How Nonprofits Are Using Crowdfunding

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David Heff, of PhilanthropicTech, guest blogged on Beth Kanter's Blog recently about CrowdFunding for Nonprofits and how they're using this to help raise money.  One way he talks about is Giving days.


Giving days are 24-hour online fundraising competitions.  These combine social interaction with communities and gamification to create more togetherneess of a Community.  One of my friends just participated in this on March 4th for Amplify Austin.  In November of last year, Razoo partnered with GiveMN and more than 53,000 individuals contributed that day, and helped 4,300 nonprofits and schools receive critical funding.


Have you ever tried Crowdfunding through a Giving Day?

Share with us what happened? Did you meet your goals?

Is this something you would do (or do again)?


Check out David Heff's full post "PhilanthropoTech: How Nonprofits Are Using Crowdfunding".