How To Avoid Looking Basic Using The Social Share Tool in Constant Contact

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How To Avoid Looking Basic Using The Social Share Tool in Constant Contact



It's a word used by millennials everywhere - basic.


Basic - adjective - used to describe any person or activity that was unoriginal or plain.


Is that a word that you would want associated with your business?


Social share is a feature in Constant Contact that lets you share your email campaigns on social media networks, like Facebook or Linkedin to increase the reach of your email. 


Many don’t even know that this feature is available! After you “Schedule” your email or hit the “send now” button, you’ll be brought to this confirmation screen below.

If you scroll down to the very bottom, you’ll see a section that says “SOCIAL SHARING” and a blue button that says “Schedule Posts.” 

Share Campaign.JPG


After you click on the “SCHEDULE POSTS” button, you’ll be brought to this screen:


 Constant Contact is automatically set to post your email on social media 3 times after it’s sent out to your contacts.


Do any of these pictures look familiar?                


Examples of social media posts.JPG

Constant Contact automatically includes images in there for you to save you time like the ones shown above.

If you really want to make your email stand out, here's  how to change the picture to something different to make your posts stand out.  


Here’s how to change the picture that will show up on social media:


change picture.JPG

Click the picture icon as shown above to select a different picture in your library that will appear on social media.


*Tip: Not sure what picture to use? Use a picture from your email newsletter or just use your business logo!


Constant Contact also automatically creates text for you for your social media posts like: “Check out our most recent newsletter!” or “In case you missed it!”


Here's how to change the text that will post on social media:

change text.png

Change the text to a summary about the email or a “teaser” to get people to click on the post once it’s posted to your social networks.


*Tip: that if you have a twitter profile selected then your description can’t be more than 160 characters or it won’t post.


If your email includes a time sensitive offer for your audience and you only want it to post on social media once, then you want to make sure you click “remove post” on this screen shown below so it’s only posted once.

remove post.png


See for yourself. Check out the before and after pictures below!


Before you make the change:


before social share image.JPG





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