How To Reach A Qualified Target Audience…

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How To Reach A Qualified Target Audience…


and motivate them to seek you out!

The first rule of our Direct2Customer direct marketing is to get more… leads… prospects… relationships… engagement and customers.

To attract more of the right kind of business, you want to put the right bait in front of the right people at the right time.

Frequency-based marketing is the right tool for the money loving person who wants more $$$. And you?

For example, there are three principles of direct marketing that work hard for you and your company objectives for growth. They are perfect for you to use to grow and maintain your small business.

Here are the fundamental principles of direct marketing that work so well: 

Principle #1 –– Frequency

Principle #2 –– Reaching a qualified target audience

Principle #3 –– Offers that motivate and inspire action

The world of direct marketing has changed dramatically within the last ten years. The companies that depend on direct marketing face monumental challenges.

  • Business is tougher than ever.
  • Competition is stiffer.
  • Loyal clients are harder to find. 

In fact, while you’re busy dealing with day-to-day business activities and (to use a fishing analogy) not watching the bobber, some competitor could be looking aggressively at your pond… and marketing vigorously to Fish.pngyour clients… to lure them away from you!

The obvious solution is to do a lot of fishing… fishing for new business… to take an active, aggressive marketing and prospecting posture today and every day… and to utilize and deploy a proven combination of prospecting, marketing, and selling tools… each designed to deliver a significant return on your prospecting investment!

To accomplish this, you need to apply the three principles of direct marketing:

Put the right bait (the right offers) in the right place (in front of your best-qualified prospects) at the right time (frequently, so that buyers think about you when it suddenly becomes their agenda to act or make a change).

That’s what a frequency-based prospecting program is all about… reaching a qualified target audience… and putting messages and offers in their hands that are relevant to them… and that motivates them to seek you out!

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