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How a Blog Can Benefit Your Small Business

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How a Blog Can Benefit Your Small Business

One year ago I started a blog.  It's one of the best decisions I've made to expand my consulting, grow my brand, enhance my teaching, and increase my website traffic by over 100%.  In fact, both Seth Godin and Tom Peters often say starting a blog was the best decision of their careers.  And that's after both these business gurus reached celebrity and thought leader status.


So what have I learned over the past year about blogging?  Below are some tips:



  • To improve organic SEO, integrate your blog as a page in your website. Don't create a separate, stand-alone blog.
  • Keep your post titles at 70 characters or less.
  • Use Keywords in your post titles and content.
  • Use a keyword research tool such as Google's Keyword Tool to find relevant search terms or phrases.
  • Post at least once per week.  Google loves and notices the fresh, dynamic content. So will your readers.
  • Integrate YouTube videos occasionally with your blog posts.
  • Make email marketing and social media part of your overall blog and branding strategy.
  • Practice comment moderation in your blog, so only the comments you approve are posted. WordPress has a powerful filter to avoid all comment spam. Use it.
  • Approve only value oriented and thoughtful comments that are specific to your posts.
  • Keep your posts focused on your core competencies, subject passion, and expertise.
  • Write casually.
  • Give credit to whom credit is due and share about thought leaders who impact your business and life.
  • Include links in posts when relevant.
  • Learn, write, contribute, and engage.

Your thoughts?



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Re: How a Blog Can Benefit Your Small Business

Stu -

Thanks again for participating here! Your insights are great and we're happy to have you in the Community... apparently, you were so thorough that no one had questions, but I'm sure they will pop up soon enough, so please keep coming back to our site to share your knowledge!




Rosalind Morville