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How are you using social media?

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How are you using social media?

I was honored to be included in the launch of this great CC community. A podcast on my use of social media to grow my business is included.


Throughout my career I have spent time learning from others. So my question to you is what are you doing with social media to grow your business or organization? How are you leveraging all the tools available to us (including with CC) to achieve your goals? Let's learn from one another, share best demonstrated practices, tips, strategies, ideas, etc.


Can't wait to see all the responses!

Leslie Sturgeon, Founder / President
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Re: How are you using social media?

Thanks for your participation in our Open House last week. Your expertise is a valuable asset to the Community! Do any of our members have a question for Leslie? She's here to help.




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Re: How are you using social media?

I use the tools that are appropriate to the task. I also have a good sense of my client's various preferences and try to make sure everybody is covered in at least one form or another.


I think it's important to spread your word around strategically, and link short updates or business emails to longer information (like a blog, for example). That way, if people just want to browse the brief synopsis, they can. If they want more information they can go to a place where they'll get it.


I use email (Constant Contact), also blogs, static websites and Facebook pages. I have Twitter but don't find it as useful for me.  I have a few videos and audios on video and/or audio sharing sites that I link to any or all of the above tools. I also use a lot of "cloud" applications, like Google Docs or flickr. Very handy, and I'm not limited to one computer!


Best, Margy Rydzynski

Margy Rydzynski
Brave New Web: Social Media for Small Business;
Occasional Advisor

Re: How are you using social media?

By the way, your site and your mission both look very interesting!


Best, Margy Rydzynski

Margy Rydzynski
Brave New Web: Social Media for Small Business;
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Re: How are you using social media?

Hi Leslie,


Did you see the movie “Julie and Julia”?  In it “Julie” blogged her commentary as she worked her way through over 500 receipts in Julia Child’s two volume cook book.  As we near the end of the movie and Julie is going through a crisis, her husband points out that she was number three, or so, most read blogs on the internet.  As she and her husband pointed out, she was a writer.  She was talented, creative, and worked very hard. 


I’ve been doing email marketing for my clients for almost ten years.  But, my efforts at promoting my own business by blogging, email marketing, posting to my Facebook Page, Linked In Groups, and Twitter, have proven less than wonderful.  I seem to lack the writing talent and creativity of Julie.  But I’m working on it.


You have a wonderful “social cause.”  …Women helping Women.  And talking about the issues associated with it using the social networks as a communications tool, is probably the best thing you can do.  Using the “join my list” tab in Facebook; posting your emails to your social networks; inviting your subscribers to “share” and “forward to a friend” are all great viral marketing multipliers.  And since it is “Women helping Women” (50% of the general population), an emotional issue, and worthy cause, you should do well.  It appears that you already have.  I congratulate you for itl


Right now I’m looking for a cause to get excited about and volunteer my services, in hopes of gaining popularity and visibility.  I’d like to “Do well while doing good.”  Just promoting myself and my services is boring even to me!


In fact, if you'd like me to spread your message to my social networks and subscribers, let me know.  It would make my messages more interesting, and perhaps gain you more followers.  P.S. I'm in Colorado.

Ray Higgins
Cybermail Marketing