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How can Twitter help your business succeed?


How can Twitter help your business succeed?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter are common terms in today’s society.  In this discussion we’ll provide an example of how Twitter helped one small business gain more fans and customers.


The example we will use in this discussion  is Jack’s Backyard BBQ. They recently had a grand opening event in Clinton Massachusetts. The event was a major success, however some people who  attended the event did not get their free T-shirt.


A customer decided to take to twitter and tweet the following:“Had a great time at the grand opening for @JacksBBQ, but unfortunately they were all out of T-shirts when I got there.”


A representative from the restaurant who monitors their tweets saw this, and decided to respond to the customer. Not only were they going to send them a free T-shirt, but they also went above and beyond and offered them a voucher towards their next order.


By doing this, not only does the customer who made the initial tweet see this, but all their followers saw this as well. Those followers may even spread the word to family and friends who may not be on Twitter. This helps the reputation of the restaurant  and gets even more people to follow them, potentially becoming new customers. 


The customer was so happy with their interaction that they even posted a status on Facebook with a link to Jack’s website, letting all their fans know how great of a company Jack’s Backyard BBQ is and recommended them to all their friends.


So, as you can see just by responding to a small, simple tweet, Jack’s Backyard BBQ gained a lot more fans, followers, and new viewers to their website. Some of these people  may have never heard of them before, but  with the positive recommendations, may order from them the next time they are hungry!


Twitter can do the same for your business, so make sure to not only monitor those tweets, but also respond to them!  Click here for a free, useful tool from Constant Contact to help monitor incoming tweets!

Social Support Intern