How do Switches and routers differ ?

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How do Switches and routers differ ?

Switches,routers are all used to connect computers together on a network and play a important role in our networking life. But what's the difference between them ?

Switches is a device that filters and forward packets between LAN segments.Switches can send and receive information at the same time, so they can send information faster than hubs can. If your home network has four or more computers or you want to use your network for activities that require passing a lot of information between computers (such as playing network games or sharing music), you should probably use a switch instead of a hub.

Router is a device that forwards data packets along networks.Routers enable computers to communicate and they can pass information between two networks—such as between your home network and the Internet.Routers also typically provide built-in security, such as a firewall.

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Re: How do Switches and routers differ ?

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