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How do you find great words for your emails or offers? Three steps to better content.

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How do you find great words for your emails or offers? Three steps to better content.

I am not a writer.  It does not come naturally to me. I try to write in a conversational style; so, that helps me to keep putting posts out there because I am not expecting this to be a dissertation level of content.  Whether writing a blog post or email marketing content, we all want our content to be both relatable, interesting and to create actions that result in profits.  How do you get started if you don't know what to say?  How do you know what will engage your readers enough to make them open the email or click on the promotion?  Here are a few of my thoughts and things I have tried this week.  


Someone told me to go to Amazon and review products and/or books that are in the same realm as my business.   I tried that this morning and am very pleased with the results. I had a ocial media post that I wanted to be very positive and encouraging.  I found a book about the topic and used the book's decription to inspire me to write a post that was inspiring and would result in the clicks I desired.  


Are you stuck writing your next email or how to create an irresitible offer?


Start by searching for books on the product or service you offer.  Follow these three steps:


  1. Read through all of the book titles in your first search. Which words in the title attract you to learn more about the book? What titles make you want to open that product page? Can you use the same/similar words?   Which words are off-putting?  Don't use those.
  2. Look at the bottom of the page at the sponsored links.   Are there headlines there that make you want to click and go to the sponsors website that you can emulate to make people open your email or to find out more about your Facebook promotion? 
  3. Are there reviews for the book? If so, read through some of those to find the "pain points" for your potential clients that reading the book solved (or did not solve).  Can you describe how your products or services will resolve their "pain" in your content? Those reviews are free market research waiting for you. 


Try it on your next email.  By following these steps in your next campaign, you can create an irrisitble subject line and write content that addresses the needs and concerns of the potential clients your list and turn them into your next client.  


Let me know how this works for you! It gave me a few ideas this week.   



Ellen McDowell
Ellen McDowell - Your Social Butterfly
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Re: How do you find great words for your emails or offers? Three steps to better content.

Great idea, I will try that :-)

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