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How has Social Media Changed Your Business?

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How has Social Media Changed Your Business?

I'd love to hear from the Community how social media has changed the way you do business. Is it working? Are you still hesitant to get involved? Share your thoughts and accomplishments.





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Re: How has Social Media Changed Your Business?

Great question, Jarrad.


My clients are finding that being involved with social media has changed their business in a few significant ways, when they have a strategic plan with ability to measure results:


1.) They learn the value of their time. Spending time on any social network without a plan was showing no return on investment. When they organized a strategic plan and followed it, they were able to do more in less time and be able to track if any leads came from their online social efforts.


2.) Several clients saw an increase in the authority ranking of their websites from their exposure on social networks.


3.) They have seen measurable results where they were able to extend their reach to their niche market .


4.) They get a faster response to a test message for a new product or promotion.


5.) They have all seen an increase in their mailing list.


6.) Some have been able to directly account for certain sales that came as a result of their social networking. In order to measure this, they must have tracking and questioning that tells them that someone specifically came from "X".


Social media by itself is a difficult way to receive profitable results. If you look at the big companies, they use social media as part of their overall marketing plan. I urge and train my clients to do the same.


Wishing you awesome and continuing success,




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