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How many people live on our planet earth?

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How many people live on our planet earth?

PeopleRpeople.jpgIf each person read your marketing message, how many would respond?


Yes, I know it’s a hypothetical question, but on any given day, an infinite number of advertisements are released, using a lot of fanfare, hope and yes, even prayers.


In addition, an untold number of marketing messages are prepared and sent on every imaginable communication channel, to someone, hoping to catch more dollars.


Some may read it. Some may react to it. Some may purchase a product.


So, what is the sum of all the products sold?


That is a very good question. Assuming the messages were read by a human, the response will vary, extremely dependent on the human mind. What is the receiver’s mindset now of seeing the message? One-day it’s yea, another day a nay and/or maybe.

Remember: That’s only if they read or hear the message.The-mind_81412340_Web.jpg


Companies are spending hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars on traditional advertising. In most, if not all, a company must spend money to get money to grow their revenue. Then pay the employees and other expenses. How much money do they have left over?


If it’s a Fortune 500 company? More than enough.


For a small business? Never enough.


Maybe it’s time to look closer at your marketing.


Lookin_for_Customers.pngPer our accountants, advertising is an expense. Expenses are necessary to maintain companies estimated revenue to stay in the black, or for some, to stay in business.


In a Tweet, by a follower, Sam Hurley, he suggested “all traditional marketers should retire.” The post headline caught my eye immediately. I started “clicking madly to get to the post.”


As a marketer with a lot of white hair growing on my head, the post substantiated I am not a traditionalist. For that, I thank the writer, Beth Romelus, from the B2C Community.


Her post was in-line with direct and customer-centric marketing strategies that I promote for use in a small business.


What I described in the headline of this post, however, pertains to a traditional marketer. Or as they use to say in direct mail circle, “spray and pray," the message is sent to everyone, and pray someone responds.”


Go to the right channel.


Today, there are tons of channels of communication that consumers use daily. A marketer today has her work cut out for


Here’s why; I believe that the small business marketers number one goal is to learn as much as possible about their consumers (customers and prospects).


Marketers like us need to collect this data, use analytics for additional data, test a few assumptions, record the data and study results and then maybe a decision to go. Throw your data excuses out the window. Technology has caught up to the needs of marketers.


Using a combination of direct and customer-centric marketing strategies beat traditional advertising any day of the week.


You may never learn everything about consumers, but the more you learn, the better the marketing, the better marketing results, and happier customers. Oh, and you as well!


Free learning journey!IntoPathFinalV2WebDoc.png


Want to learn more about direct and customer-centric marketing strategies and how it can add customers to your QuickBooks?


It is a very complete learning experience, All Marketing is Direct to your Consumers.


I present my marketing methodology that I have used over my career. Plus, I'm not traditional.


Admit_oneWeb.pngOn our website, there is a landing page, containing three "Admit" links, a:

(1) short,

(2) medium and

(3) large journey to take.


There are many examples, ideas and techniques of direct marketing to aide in your learning.


All you need to do is visit our website, DMCM, and scroll down on the landing page for your free admission tickets. It’s best to take them in order.

Take as many journeys of each as you like. If so desired, prepare a list of questions for us to answer. Send them to or call us at 800.251-3608. You can post them here as well.


Looking for additional ideas? Read a recent post, “How to use Direct and Digital Marketing to Drive Your Small Business Marketing”

Thanks for reading. I hope you take me up on my offer. If so, please tell me what you think.


Don’t procrastinate, eValuate.


At times, some of the smallest changes in your small biz marketing, have the greatest impact.


Need more information on direct and customer-centric marketing? Sign up today for our monthly email, All Marketing Is Direct. 

Our data policy: Any data shared with us, stays with us. Thanks for reading.


Mike Deuerling  800-251-3608

Marketing Communications Group, Inc.



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