How not to be liked by most companies…

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How not to be liked by most companies…

Every day, I look at a variety of marketing or advertisements that flash across my computer screens. If the copywriting is somewhat compelling, I’ll stop and see what is going on. In this casual mode of observation, the impact of certain elements is what catches my eye immediately. Plus, a memory. It reminded me there are many elements in direct marketing required to happen to get someone to buy.

Let’s go back a few years and talk about traditional media, but more importantly, people buy from people. There must be a level of trust. That certain level of trust takes some time to nurture. Some more than others and others are shorter.

Trust is required to keep a potential customer reading or assessing the visuals.

Today, many advertisements are blasted into the face of a potential customer. For example, a person’s fist punctuating a wall, may garner some attention, but not the type needed to make a coffee purchase.

On the other side of the coin.

It’s more important to continually look at what’s going on in digital marketing today to understand your most effective marketing and advertising channels. In a multi-channel world, acknowledgement becomes harder and marketers want to know how to allocate their budget for increased success. Or they must decide to flood the market with fodder and hopefully make a sale or two.

Facebook and Mr. Zuckerberg

Remember when the CEO Zuckerberg of Facebook traveled to the US Capital, he stated,

 "relevance is important when using data to communicate with their audience."

He’ll get no argument from me, we need more relevance, and studying customer data is a key to achieving that goal.

Within a digital marketing strategy, you should have a clear understanding of who the audience is and what they need to succeed. Building prospect and customer profiles and then start to segment your data, will ensure your messages and content will be relevant to the customers in your database.

A digital strategy needs a shared understanding of who your customers are, how they perceive the interactions they’re having with your company today, and what they want and need from your company in the future.

However, using digital data advertisements is more predicated on how to bomb the marketplace with popups or any other advertising disruption customers may not like. If the advertisement gains a decent response result, say a 3%, everyone is happy. Except for the 97% of the customers that may have been disrupted.


Our group at MCG, requires the following five steps for a successful digital and multi-channel advertising.

  1. Build and write relevant marketing messages.
  2. Learn how to study data and use your results as a lifeblood for aggressive growth.
  3. Customer profiles and segmentation data can guide a specific message to like-minded buyers.
  4. How to create data driven digital marketing using multi-channels.
  5. Customer and prospect knowledge rules in direct and digital marketing.

If you have any questions, email me at or in the USA, 800-251-3608.

When Mr. Zuckerberg was finishing his comments, one congressman asked if he will start charging for the Facebook experience. There was no response and turned his attention to another question. If he wants to keep earning money, then his new business model will show a subscription rate.

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