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How often should I send out emails?

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How often should I send out emails?

So what is the answer to "how often should I send out emails?"  The answer truly depends upon your business and your goals for your email marketing campaigns.  


If I am signing up for a restaurant's daily specials, I am going to expect and look for a daily email.  If I don't get one I will probably be disappointed.  


If I am signing up for a monthly newsletter, I look forward to a monthly email full of great content.  


The key to how often you should send out email marketing campaigns is how often do you need to send out emails to meet your marketing goals? So the first thing to decide is how often you can create great content to send out, then how often will people need to get the information you are sending.  I have to main email lists for which you can sign up.  I give people who sign up (or change their preference) the choice to sign up for all of my emails or to only receive the monthly email I send out with interesting content and my event list.  Those that get all of my emails get the Social Campaigns with coupons or email invites to individual events. 


Segementing your lists like this is important. Sending emails that are directed to the right customers is just good business and good marketing.  


In your "Welcome Email" you should tell the people who sign up for your emails how often that they can expect to receive emails from you.  Then stick to that schedule.  When your emails are working out really well and you think you should send even more out, give your list the option to sign up to receive either the regular emails you are sending or to receive all of your wonderful information, offers, surveys and event registrations.   Allowing people the option to get emails they want and not a bunch of unwanted emails that don't interest them builds trust with your contact list. 


On a personal note, I know I unsubscribed from a list recently because I didn't want a copy of their twice weekly ads.  I really wanted to get the  recipe emails, but their list was "all or nothing".  It was not worth it to me to get all of the emails I didn't want for the few I looked forward to getting.  If they had used Constant Contact, I would have had that option and they would still have my contact information. 


So set your goals for your email marketing and then tell your contacts how often they will hear from you.  Once they have the expectation of how often your message will be in their inbox, they will appreciate you sticking to that schedule so they can keep getting your quality content.  They will look forward to your emails, share your content and become your best marketers. 


So - how often do you send your emails?  Comment below.  

Ellen McDowell
Ellen McDowell - Your Social Butterfly
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