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How to Build an Engagement List

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How to Build an Engagement List

Email marketing has proven to be one of the most cost-effective and highest return on investment mediums for small business marketing. The ability to connect, inform and engage is critical for online success.


Monitoring your metrics is an essential part of email marketing best practices. We often look at things such as open rates, click rates, bounces, and links clicked. It's always interesting to see which links get the most clicks but what you do with that information is what matters.


For example, monitoring that list of who's click 'more info' is great but why not take it a step further and add them to a new list, let's call it 'Engagement List'. This process can be repeated again and again for each newsletter or announcement that you send through Constant Contact. If you repeat this process over time, you'll develop a list of your most engaged recipients. But the comes the question, what to do with that list.


Your Engagement List can be used for things such as follow-up emails, exclusive offers, time-sensitive announcements, and messaging that promotes forwarding and social sharing. You know these are your most engaged recipients so why not execute a campaign geared for success.

While there is no specific criteria to build this list, each business should clearly identify what they consider engagement based on their own email marketing goals. Once this criteria has been established, try to maintain consistency over the long term with each newsletter or announcement you send.


Building an engagement list takes time; consistently growing this list will only produce better and better results over the long term.


Vito Marchese
President, Whiteboard Studio inc.

2300 Yonge Street, Suite 1600
Toronto ON Canada
M4P 1E4

Tel: 416-250-1200
Solution Provider

Re: How to Build an Engagement List

Hi Vito, 


This is great information. I recently sent out a special offer via email. I looked at my analytics to see who was clicking on the "Buy Now" button. Then instead of sending another mass email, I contacted each person (there were only about five). Depending on the relationship I used either phone, email or social media to ask if they were interested in the "limited time" offer. 


I sold two! Email works, nuff said. 


Thanks for sharing! 


Tracy O'Clair, TOCmedia

Solution Provider

Re: How to Build an Engagement List

Hi Tracy and Vito


I loved this article and it inspired me to write one about telemarketing. And now that I came back I found Tracy's comment that proofs the summ of ideas is what makes things move forward.


Best regards and thanks to both.