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How to Build for The Future of Any Small Business …

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How to Build for The Future of Any Small Business …

the surest way to keep and get more customers.


Financial planners, banks, insurance companies and investing firms deal largely with other people’s money.

When a firm in this industry plans a new marketing program, what is the one word that needs to be equated with their company?

If you guessed TRUST, that is the correct word.


When marketers start the branding process, TRUST is a valuable part. BRAND building starts with selecting your company’s best customers from Brands.jpgday one in business to the present.


What to look for…

The first impression of your company from a single customer is a great place to start. If it was a good first impression, you need to get more information to confirm your assumption. Good customers always are willing to build a better relationship, so ask more questions.


Now we come to the hard part. Face it, not every customer is a gem, but it helps to know why, so ask. You may be pleasantly surprised what you learn. With a little give and take with this type of customer, they can move up their rank to a good or great customer.


How can this impact my business?

What you learn from an exercise of this type is basically what you are doing right, and wrong. For example, a company dealing with other people’s money probably wants to be branded as one known for safety and trust. The next time you meet someone in the financial community, online or in person, what type of impression did they leave with you?


Any business can take away a few thoughts from this financial industry scenario. Marketing today can be like swimming in shark-infested waters. Don’t take any chances with your marketing. If you feel your marketing can be better, then most certainly it can be better.


What type of company do you want your customers to think of you and your business? Can you select one word?


Thanks for reading and please share with others – except your competition! It is truly appreciated.




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