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How to Craft the Perfect Welcome Email

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How to Craft the Perfect Welcome Email


Before you dive into creating your welcome email, you want to ask yourself what tone you'd like to set and recognize who you'll be speaking to. Hopefully you have segmented your database into different lists, and thus you wouldn't send the same email to your potential customers as you would to your VIP's would you?


Think of your welcome email as your first date email. This is the first impression they'll receive of your business in the inbox. So you want it to be a great first impression! When you're prepping for that first date, you perfect your hair, toy with your makeup, try on a bunch of different outfits and shoes! Guys you...well take a shower and brush your teeth, perhaps more, but the point being, we all make an effort to look our best. You should include the same prep work when creating your welcome email.



As soon as someone opts-in to join your list, they should receive your welcome email as soon as possible. Their interest in your organization is at an all time high, strike while the irons hot.



A welcome email should always be a thankful email. Now-a-days everyone is asking you for your email, so it's quite a privilege to have a potential customer provide you with theirs. They're interested in your business and they showed you so by giving you their email address. So...say thank you.



Moving on to what to expect. Inform you readers exactly what they'll receive now that they have joined your list.

"Hi John! Thank you for joining our crew. XYZ company will send you a monthly email loaded with ABC content."



 Suggest to your subscribers that they put your “From email address” into their address book. That will tell Internet Service Providers like Yahoo and Google that these subscriber are expecting to receive your email. There are many benefits to getting whitelisted with just one of them being higher delivery of your emails into the inbox.



Continuing on with your date, you want to showcase your best work right off the bat. Their interest in you is at its highest peak, so reiterate that they made the right decision in asking you out, in choosing your business. 



Welcome emails generate four times the total open rates and five times the click rates compared to other emails. In taking it a step further, you should consider thanking your prospects by rewarding them. This is a great time to encourage new leads to take action with a discount offer.


My tip to you

Did you know, that the PS section in an email is the most read sentence in an email? Use this to your advantage. Include a fun fact about you or your company. Lead them to a fun page on one of your social media channels. Ask a trivia question and provide the answer in a follow up email. The possibilities are endless!


Now that you've presented yourself in such a way on your first date, hopefully it will lead to a second date...a phone call, a click, a donation...a new customer!


PS You're "welcome" to download my free guide: 4 Simple Ideas on Your First Autoresponder (includes a welcome email :))



Your Social Media Mentor is an award winning solution provider and proud partner of Constant Contact. As a social media consultant and speaker, Vanessa Cabrera is not your ordinary "consultant". What makes her stand out is that she makes sure, she teaches her clients how to effectively market their businesses online so that they themselves become social media marketing experts in their own right! That's why she's known as "The Mentor."

Her easy to follow suite of services provide clients with the tools needed to supercharge their social media marketing in an effort to build relationships with current customers, while gaining new ones!
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