How to Create A Great Opening Line…

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How to Create A Great Opening Line…

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Picture yourself at a business or social networking event. You are confident in finding people to meet. Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you see a couple talking. Not just talking but using body language, quick hand gestures, while pointing to something on a nearby easel.

You decide to check out the action between the two people and hope they're are interesting enough to engage with. Always on the lookout for engaging with people, it’s the little things people say or do, that opens a door for you to meet prospects.

What’s a good opening line?

Networking events have changed over time and even today, business people are looking for sources to help them and their business grow. At a typical networking event, you’ll meet people for business leads, funding, investors or referrals, just about anyone who’ll fit your reason for attending the event. You need a good opening line.

The same is true with direct marketing. In fact, you need two. The first one helps you make eye contact – to attract attention. The second one delivers your payoff – that is, the benefit your prospect receives.

So, think of your headline writing as having two parts. There’s the “what it is” part and the “how it benefits” part.

Here’s a good example.

Our amazing wealth-builder system helps you gain complete financial freedom overnight.

First you’ve told your readers that you have a system – a solution, answer, or idea. And you’ve told them what it’s going to do for them – the payoff. In this case, it’s financial freedom.

While you’re at it, you also need a good closing line.

“Would you like to meet at your office next week on Wednesday or at our office on Thursday?”

In your direct marketing copy, your closing line needs to be a dynamic call-to-action. It needs to let your readers know exactly what you want them to do (to order, call or respond).

And it needs to let them know when you want them to do it – now. There is no better time than now, is there?

Elementary, yes. 

But elementary is often overlooked. Sometimes the smallest change you make in business networking or in using your direct marketing tactics, can yield many results, long and short term included.

Today’s small business marketing environment is ideal.

First, remember that advertising is a tactic of marketing. Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers. You need to listen to them and respond to them. Customers are willing to share their thoughts about your products.

If you believe that this is the “age of the customer,” then it’s the perfect time for you to behave like a customer you would love to have as a customer. So, ask them!

As a marketer, the purest, most simple goal you should have is to get a potential customer to receive your marketing message, read the message and make a purchase. Direct marketing’s PROVEN strategy and tactical tools were developed for getting customers to respond to your message.

There are many advertising tactical tools available for any small business.

To get a better understanding of direct marketing with a customer-centric marketing strategy, it's worth a visit. Follow the link for Trait Number One and a tab away from Trait Number Two and Number Three.

In summary…

Knowing what type of marketing works well today is not a guarantee for tomorrow. However, when you stay true to your commitment on gaining a better understanding of your customer’s needs and wants, you’ll always know when a change is in the wind and how to react to it.

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Thanks for reading.

Don’t procrastinate, eValuate!

At times, some of the smallest changes in your small biz marketing, have the greatest impact.

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