How to Create A USP That Rocks

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How to Create A USP That Rocks

Buying-USP.pngA USP is commonly referred to as a Unique Selling Proposition.


A USP answers the question proposed in the headline of this post, but you'll have to work on it because it's yours. Buy our product and you’ll get this important benefit.


How do you get one? They are not available in stores but I recommend you talk to your customers.


But, before you do that, put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and ask yourself, what do you like about your product or service? Go ahead, take all the time you need. Especially if the shoes are to small.


Then go ask your managers. In fact, give them an assignment and tell them to prepare a presentation for the next monthly meeting.


Ask a few employees that interact daily with your customers.


Finally, ask a few of your suppliers. They may even give you a reason or two from your competitors.


Once you have all those reports…Failing101-300x200.jpg


If you have been thinking of adding a customer-centric strategy to your business, this is a great time as you peruse the reports from everyone.


Over the years, I’ve seen many companies achieve success by centering their products and services based on their customer’s needs and wants. In a Customer-centric Marketing strategy, customer service is the tie that bonds future growth and can lead you to offering new products and services.


If you want better communication with your customers, this is the time to start.


Why, you may ask? Companies that took the time to learn from their customers, what made their product or service better than the competition, reached higher sales. Listening to and working with customers, and by providing them solutions from your products and services, gives your company that “uniqueness” to be remembered by.


“And a competitive service advantage is fact-based around unique reasons for someone to buy from you.”


For example, it’s rare a company that can actually make fact based unique service statements about its -

  • “Quality service”
  • “Quality people”
  • “Low fees”
  • “Guaranteed results!"

“A unique service is one that is, without serious question, singular to your company.”


This is very important for building a successful USP


Now get out there and start talking with your managers, employees, other executive’s familiar with your products, customers, anyone who is able to give you their opinion. Everyone has an opinion, right?


As soon as the customers experience your concern for their needs, it will lead to a better relationship and even more business collaboration.

Be patient. You may not immediately have the answer, but when you do, it’s like winning a lottery.Go4TheGold.jpg


What is a Unique Value Proposition?


I always found that a Unique Service Proposition is ideal for a small to mid-size business. Great service makes a business shine in the eyes of their customers. It can also be part of their brand.


I recently read an article by Daniel Watson on Scoop it, that said this about a Unique Value Proposition.


“In order to succeed in a highly competitive world, your business needs to stand out from the crowd, preferably because it offers a unique value proposition that customers reward with their business. Creating a unique value proposition for your business, requires a degree of expertise.”


A company like Apple is a classic example of a Unique Value Proposition.


The suggestions contained in this post should be very helpful to any business owner seeking to create their own unique value or service proposition that will pull customers into their business. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions regarding one or the other.


I strongly recommend for many small and mid-size businesses to build a USP, paired with a Customer-centric Marketing strategy. It's a pair made in small business heaven.


Suggestions or comments are always welcomed.


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