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How to Create Leads on Social Media

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How to Create Leads on Social Media

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How to Create Leads on Social Media

by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

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Leads, leads, we all want more leads! Where are these customers? How can I find them? I promise you that they are out there, and good social media marketing can be a powerful lead generation system for your business. You must understand the proper process, but few do. Most of you are not successful with social media marketing because you spray and pray. You post all over the place and hope that something happens. Let me set the record straight. In this short article I will tell you How to Create Leads On Social Media.


Why are you doing it wrong


Before I point out the optimal success strategy, let me elaborate on why you are not as effective as you would like to be in your social media marketing. You are not leveraging your biggest source of leads – your existing customers. These people know you. They are loyal fans and frequent buyers. You are not tapping into their potential as a huge referral engine for you. Most of you are targeting the universe of potential buyers who have no idea who you are and what you sell. They do not know you. .


Think quality, not quantity


This lack of familiarity with you represents a low-quality lead. You need people who are knowledgeable about your products, service and expertise. It is better to market to ten people who know you then 10,000 who do not. Think quality, not quantity. Engage with fewer people, but make these more valuable people. Once, a meeting planner whom I had worked with called me and we booked a conference workshop in a five minute conversation. Because this person knew me, my skills, and the quality of my work, the sales process was very straightforward.


Make a connection


Remember, that it is never about you. It is always about them. You should always focus on their needs. If you call a former client or customer and aggressively ask for a lead, are you making a connection? Are you focusing on their needs, or just your own? Think through your business and how you can help the historical customer and encourage them to recommend you to another potential customer.


Give first to get later


To encourage referrals, simply focus on the idea of giving first to get later. What can you give your past customers to nurture and strengthen your existing professional relationship? I am doing it right now. I am giving away marketing information in a post. You can follow this example. Give away a bit of expert advice. Just share it. You have more. The proprietary information should remain with you. You can bake Grammas’ apple cake for somebody, but just do not give them the recipe.


Speak to their needs


Remember to always share information that meets their needs. Sharing a sales promotion is really not what I mean. Share advice that your customers need, especially as it relates to the use of your product. The more knowledgeable your customers are about your product, the more likely that they will be a loyal customer and continue to refer business to you.


Examples for you to copy


I am a big fan of practical examples. So, let me provide some specific examples. Let us suppose that you have a clothing boutique and you want to drive more traffic to your store. You provide fashion tips to your email marketing subscribers. Because you constantly provide high-value fashion tips in your newsletter, your subscribers will continue to read it. Via an email campaign, create and advertise a bring-a-friend promotion. Each fan of yours who brings a friend to your store wins a prize, gets a gift, or a discount. You provide value, and give even more value, to get the referral. If you have fans on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, just follow the same strategy. Just adapt the messages to your market on that specific social media channel.


This works for business to business industries as well. For example, if you are a construction consulting company you can provide high value construction tips videos on YouTube and share these video links on LinkedIN. Encourage your existing customer base to introduce you to their sub-contractors. The videos are high value, and document your expertise, which these sub-contractors may also benefit from. This win, win, win scenario is How You Create Leads on Social Media.


Do you need some online marketing help?

Do you just need the right marketing partner to help you implement these ideas? Building Aspirations can help. Contact us today.


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Re: How to Create Leads on Social Media

Hi, I am new to constant contact and they supposedly have tools to generate leads from social media. My problem is what are the tools and where are they.  Also what do I do with the tools, where do I find them etc...etc...I click on and link which took me to the signin page for my  facebook account. It appeared that I need to post something and post it. What do I post?


Re: How to Create Leads on Social Media

Hi @PoeC9! I believe you may be asking about our List Growth Tools. These are tools that we provide to you as part of your account and they can help to grow your contact list. We have web sign-up forms and plugins for Facebook and Wordpress as well. You can locate all of your List Growth Tools by clicking the List Growth Tools link at the top of your account:



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