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How to Create Time to "Unplug"

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How to Create Time to "Unplug"

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Rieva Lesonsky, of Small Business Trends, shared a post on how you can create time to unplug at work. Which in turn can help your employees become more focused and connected with one another.  She touches on the "no work from home policy" that Marissa Meyer of Yahoo has recently implemented.  There are many differing viewpoints on that new strategy but I won't get into them here.  Instead, I'll share some of the keypoints that Rieva shared.


According to the "Randstad Engagement Index Study" given to females in the workplace:


  • 87% say "relationships with their coworkers impact their happiness at work"
  • 85% say "relationships with direct supervisors do" impact their happiness
  • 50% say a workplace with flexibility is important to their overall happiness at work
  • 49% say that their work is flexible to their working arrangements and hours
  • 42% say they are finding it difficult to disconnect at home
  • 68% say that technology is blurring home vs work and making it hard to be productive


Ways to Disconnect:


  • Set the example for your workers so they can follow your lead
  • Elminiate Redundancy
  • Figure Out How to Cover The Bases
  • Automate Where Possible

To read more in depth these tips, check out: "Team Connectivity: How to Create Time to "Unplug"


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Re: How to Create Time to "Unplug"

I'm sitting here with my kids at the campground right now. It is a beautiful spring day. The atmosphere is amazing. We just finished a game of ladder ball and in little bit, we'll be heading to the beach. Life is about balance. Always unplug enough to maintain that balance and you won't have regrets later in life.
Mike Donovan
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Re: How to Create Time to "Unplug"

Many people don't unplug from work because they feel that something is unfinished or  needs tweaking. Some people have programmed themselves that working after hours and at home after leaving the office makes them more valuable. When in  fact, it can led them to a burn out and being less efficient.

My team and I make a plan for every project we work on, with benchmarks and time tables. As each step is completed, it is passed to the person in charge of the next step. If a client project requires more time to complete, more people are put on board so the timetable is maintained, all during work hours.


For my client's who are solopreneurs, we assist them in learning how to delegate to people, whether employees or independent contractors, who are within their budge and can assist them in keeping their timetables.


As a facilitator of Mindful Meditation, most of my associates and staff (and some clients)  have learned to take time to meditate during the day to keep their head clear and stay focused on the project at hand.  They also meditate at home to unplug from work.  It's a choice to re-learn new habits.


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Re: How to Create Time to "Unplug"

Awesome post Sumner. Thank you!

Mike Donovan