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How to Create a Great Offer!

Honored Contributor

How to Create a Great Offer!

In our Small Business Saturday Toolkit, you can create your own Great Offer!  


Here are 4 steps to creating a Great Offer!


1: You want to first start by setting your goal.

Start by writing down your goals and choose one for your deal.


2. Understand Your Audience. 

What is it that your audience needs and/or wants from you.


3. Understand Your Value.

Why would your audience go to your store for their needs and/or wants.


4. Create Your Great Offer.

Choose from steps 1-3 to set up your goal.  Remember to think about your audience and what it is that you can offer them that no one else can.


*Tip: Not every offer has to be a discount, you can give away something for free for their next purchase instead!


Download your Toolkit to create your own now!