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How to Easily Create Business Cards

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How to Easily Create Business Cards

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I saw this post today on on "How to Easily Create Business Cards with UPrinting". I thought it was pretty interesting and I wanted to share it with you!


Zac Johnson talks about how when he first began his career it was a tedious process creating and designing his Business Card. But now he finds it very easy!


Step 1: Choose Your Business Card Design  
Here you can choose from 2 designs; the standard four corners or a die cut design that will make you stand out.


Step 2: Create Your Business Card

Using their web based program, you can easily design your card using your own images uploaded from your computer or using their stock images (which are $1 each)


Step 3: Ordering Your Business Card

Once you've verified that all of your information is accurate and correct, you can order your cards.  Zac recommends a "high quality card with a nice gloss finish if you have any high quality and colors in your design."


  • What do your business cards look like?
  • Share them with us here!


*Constant Contact is not affiliated with UPrinting, I just found this post and thought I'd share it!

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Re: How to Easily Create Business Cards

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