How to Get People to Remember Your Name


How to Get People to Remember Your Name

2015-05-19_8-38-37.jpgHow are you with remembering names? I’m terrible at it. I remember faces but never names so when I meet someone at a networking event I use some tricks to make sure their name sticks. As a Small Business you want your name and the name of your business to stick with others.


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  1. Repeat their name. When you are introduced to someone repeat their name back to them. When the other person says “Hi, I’m Hannah”, you repeat back “It’s nice to meet you, Hannah.”
  2. Tell a Story about your name. Stories stick more than facts.
  3. Use your name in conversation. Address yourself by name. “So I said to myself, Barry….”
  4. Use the right body language. Make sure you have positive body language. Open torso, uncrossed arms, head and chest up & shoulders pulled back.
  5. Answer common questions uncommonly. Answer “How do you do” with a story or opportunity to use humor.
  6. Ask better questions. Don’t stick to the “What do you do” type of questions. Try “What’s your story?” to force them to think about it.
  7. Follow up. Collect business cards and then follow-up via email.


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