How to Get the Answers for Your Most Burning Customer Questions…

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How to Get the Answers for Your Most Burning Customer Questions…


that drives more marketing information you need about your customers and prospects!


Direct marketers know that personalization is more than a name. In the digital age, consumers expect you to know a bit more than just a name.


Call someone the wrong name or send them the wrong product color and watch how fast your phone rings.


Try my three easy steps to start your march toward accuracy.

  • If you really want to know about your customers use my stealth approach; ask them.
  • If you want to know what other offerings your customers may want, use the cloak and dagger method; ask them.
  • If you want to know what prospective customers think or what they are looking for; you ask them.

It sounds simple enough, but customer opinion surveys are one of the most overlooked marketing tools. Why, you ask? When was the last time you answered one question for a company you do business with?


The key in that sentence is the word and meaning of one. Ask one question at a time unless the customer is zealous about helping you.


Let us look at a few samples and present a few ideas to make your survey mean something to the recipient and to you as well.


Customer Satisfaction Survey.

RedOrangeYellowCake.jpgCustomer satisfaction surveys allow you to discover how customers feel about the way you are conducting business. The most successful questions allow for “rankings,” so that you have specific results to compare.


Here’s a quick ranking question example. “On a rating of one to five, with one being poor, three OK and five excellent, how do you rate our service preformed at your location, on May 13, at 1:00 PM?


"Ranking" questions are quick too complete. Just make sure your customer can give you a few moments of their time. In your introduction, give them the approximate time they’ll need to finish the survey.


If someone wants to vent or express their gratitude, leave a comment section in each question as optional.


Your best success with these type of questions is no more than three questions or a completion time of 30 seconds or less.


The word survey in the section heading was not crossed out by mistake. The word survey means a lot of time and questions for most people. Since people place a high value on their time, don’t try to infringe on their time.


Kick around these additional ideas with your marketing and sales teams.


If you company make service calls, train your service staff to get answers to questions you need for better marketing. This is a good place to ask a few open-ended questions. Plus, face-to-face usually gives you more answers about your customers.


In addition, train your service staff to “look” for additional clues, such as color scheme or the age of other home equipment to aid the accuracy of future marketing communications.


These types of questions are also good for collecting information you do not have, such as an email address or another demographic segment you can put to good use in your database.


Another sure way to increase the response is to offer something free or a discount on their next purchase.




These are just a few ideas. Depending on your business, you may find other questions to ask in a customer satisfaction survey.


Remember that your customers are individuals. They represent different levels of value and they have different needs. It’s in your company’s best interest to gather customer information, but make sure it's for better marketing.


It's important for better marketing and customer service for their opinions. Analyze their answers in order to differentiate them and send better relevant messages. Plus, the most important attribute of customer data – ACCURACY!


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