How to Remove Yourself from a Twitter List

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How to Remove Yourself from a Twitter List

Today, I just gave some attention to a part of Twitter that I've pretty much ignored - lists. Yes, I've created a slew of lists, but I rarely go back to them unless I am doing some research on a particular subject or industry expert.


While I was checking my notifications, I noticed someone had added me to a Twitter list that would be more appropriate for my personal Twitter account.  When I clicked on the list hoping to find a way to remove myself from it, much to my surprise, there was not a way to do so. That's when I decided to pay a visit to my good friend  Google. I found a great article there, "How To: Remove Yourself From Stupid Twitter Lists" by Aaron Lee.

Here are the steps that Aaron shared with us:


1. Click on the Twitter list that you’ve been listed on.

2. Click on the user/Twitterer that created that list

3. Click BLOCK

4. Click UNBLOCK

5. Done! Check your Twitter list and you’re not in the ... list that you don’t want anymore.


Voilà, I am no longer in that list.

In addition to learning how to remove myself from a Twitter list, I also learned that there are some people - who I've never come in contact with - who have put me on Twitter lists with some top notch marketing and social Media experts. One of which is called "Cool & Clever People" by @ContentPlus. What an honor to be called cool
and clever at the same time! :-)


P.S. - Guess who I added to my list of cool & clever people? None other than @AskAaronLee! Thanks Aaron, you saved the day.

Romona Foster
Social Media Trainer & Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert
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