How to Run a Successful Event with Email & Social Media

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How to Run a Successful Event with Email & Social Media

Get Organized Before Promotion Begins


4-6 weeks Select and book your venue


4-6 weeks Set up an event home page and registration form using


Registration Page: Make the event page look visually appealing and include as much detail as possible, include session descriptions, speakers, bios, and testimonials from previous attendees (if you have them).


Registration Form: Include information that helps communicate with your registrant’s pre, during & post event. I normally collect the following information

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Organization Name
  • Phone
  • Title – so you can see if they are the owner or decision maker
  • Website – so I can review their online presence and better understand their marketing needs
  • Where they heard about the seminar – useful if you’re using multiple promotional channels or partners

Now that you have your landing page and online registration page up, it’s time to spread the word and promote your event.


Plan and Create your Email Marketing Campaign


4 -5 weeks prior Send a Save the Date Email – you do not need to include all the details of the event. Think of this as a teaser.


4 weeks prior Send out an Evite, an email that invites them to the event and provides a clear Call To Action like Register Now!


3 weeks prior Send out a 2nd Reminder Evite – only to those within your database who HAVE NOT yet registered. With , this allows you to do this quite easily!


2 weeks prior Send out another Email that provides additional information on the event that was not included within the first 3 to entice them even more. Perhaps you have added another speaker, your menu may be finalized, you may have finalized your raffle prizes…etc.


1 week prior Send out a reminder email to those who have already registered. Even though your potential customers have registered, life gets busy and they may have forgotten about the event, or forgotten to put it on their calendar. Within the same time-frame you’ll want to send a Time is Running Out email to those who have notyet registered. Your copy should mirror a sense of urgency.


1-2 days prior Send out a final reminder email to those who registered to attend. This last reminder may seem a bit much seeing as if you already sent out a reminder email the week before. But think about it, how many of last week’s emails do you remember?


1-2 days after the event Studies show that hot leads fade within 48 hours of an event, so make sure you schedule a thank you for attending email to your attendees, as well as, a sorry you couldn’t make it email to those who didn’t attend. You may want to include pictures of the event to peak their interest in attending a future event.


Creating and Planning Your Social Promotion

Twitter – I encourage all of my clients that when hosting an event, make sure to include an assigned # to that event. So that your staff, attendees and even non attendees can take part in the online conversation of the event.


Tip: If you want to create a special hashtag for an event or campaign, select one that hasn’t been used before and remind everyone to use it in related tweets. Be sure to include the hashtag in any promotional materials. Make it informative but short.


LinkedIn – LinkedIn is not the forum to constantly post about your event, that’s what your twitter # is for. However, you absolutely can use this forum to inform and invite your connections about the event and provide a link to the registration page, especially if you do not have email addresses to all of your LinkedIn connections…who does?


Facebook – Facebook can be a great forum to have a little fun with your event. Hashtags have arrived on Facebook, so be sure to promote your designated # on Facebook as well. You can post 2-3 of your emails within your email campaigns. No need to post each and every email you sent out to your Facebook page, that is what the inbox is for. Encourage people to post pictures and tag themselves during and after the event.


More Social Promotions You Can Use via

  • Use built-in social sharing to share your landing page and event on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Add your event details to your Facebook page with our EventSpot Facebook App.
  • Create a landing page for your event and put the URL on your Facebook page, website, or blog.
  • Add a list of some or all of your upcoming events to any landing page.

Interested in planning your next event with EventSpot? Contact me to expedite the set-up process and have your event up and online in no time!

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