How to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Cause

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How to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Cause

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Kivi is always sharing fantastic information on her Blog and this is no different!  Right now (at time of posting) they are offering a Free Download of a guide that Kerri Karvetski created called "How to Use Hashtags  to Promote Your Cause". I know that hahtags can seem daunting sometimes and you might not even have any idea as to what type of hashtag you should be using. But Kerri identifies for you the top hashtags for nonprofits and how to find content based on those hashtags.


Here are some ways that you can use hashtags below, but make sure that you download this free guide, it is jam packed with information!


  • Use Hashtages to get found: Jump into conversations and connect with others who are also working toward your cause
  • Use Hashtags to find content to share
  • Create awareness 
  • Share your Fundraising campaigns

How do you use hashtags to promote your cause?  Share with us in the comments!


Read the full post, "Using Hashtags to Promote Your Cause [Free Download]" now!

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