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How to build great customer and prospect relationships…

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How to build great customer and prospect relationships…


which will open many new opportunities for success!


     How many soliciting calls do you get in a single day? If you have a good phone screener, probably not a lot. As I talk with other business owners I hear similar responses.

  • Someone mentioned they all turned to email.
  • Another said she found a lot of selling on Twitter.
  • Another told me there are way too many ads popping up on his computer screen.

     Maybe I am seeing an opportunity for all of us. The opportunity I am talking about is using time to build better relationships with your customers. Or even better, solidify some less than better relationships with your customers.


     If you recently deployed some exciting and relevant direct marketing programs, now is a good time to follow up and share.


Why to consider better follow-up.

     Whether you follow up in person, email or on the phone, our human nature and our curiosity pushes us to want to Concerned_owner copy.jpgknow that our prospects received the communication we deployed, that they reviewed and read it.


 So, naturally the first question that often comes to mind and the first one that comes out of our mouth is, “What do you think? What do you like?”


     It’s a good question. However, it’s a wide-open question. It’s so wide that it opens the door to hearing things you may not want to hear.

  • “I don’t think it’s legal.”
  • “I don’t have time?”
  • “Who are you? Oh, you need to speak with Tom. Click”
  • “I know all about that. It’s a pyramid scheme that began down in Nigeria. They take your money and you never hear from them again.”

Okay, that last one was a stretch.


     However, by asking the question, you’re asking your prospects to analyze and critique your offering. This is something you may not want to do. Your prospect’s may not be qualified to give you a truly educated answer.


You’re asking your prospect to enter a conversation or discussion about a product or service they know nothing about. Even worse, a “what-do-you-think?” answer can take you off on a tangent that is totally irrelevant to your product, your sales message, and your opportunity to increase relationships.


     Instead, try asking your follow up questions this way: “What do you like best? What do you like best about the newStrategy-300x300.png program? What do you like best about what you’ve read, about the product, the offer, the service or the idea.” When you ask in this way, your prospects come right out and tell you their “hot buttons.” Now you are building a better way to a budding relationship.

  • “I liked the color choices.”
  • “I liked that free return and my money back with no questions asked within the first 45 days after my purchase!”
  • “I liked that five-year warranty.”

     Then, just as the Apple Store opened their doors for the brand-new I-Phone, an opportunity opens for you to sell those positive factors that your prospects find so appealing. You reinforced their “like” instead of handling objections.




     Give it a try. Then let us know what you like best about using this strategy. By the way, do tell us about how many new relationships occurred using this strategy.


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